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Local Mountain Honey:



We have a variety of local mountain honey depending on the season including:


~Summer Wildflower Honeys: Tan Oak & Toyon


~Big Sur Black Sage Honey


Prices: 8 0z : $10, 16 oz : $20, & 32 oz : $35


Bee Pollen:


Bee Pollen is full of nutritional value and is considered by some to be a “natural superfood.”  Here is an interesting article to learn more about it: Bee Pollen as a Superfood


Prices: 4 oz : $10, we are able to fill other sizes upon request


Bee Well Formulas:


allergy lungimmune

Herbally infused honeys made with local mountain honey and top quality herbs.


~Allergy Relief : our top selling formula, a great thing to have during allergy season.


~Lung Formula: formulated for respiratory support.


~Immune Formula: this zesty blend of fresh garden herbs and lemon is a classic for cold season.


Prices: 4 oz : $12


Propolis Products:


propolis tincture propolis

Propolis is one of the many amazing creations of bees that has a long traditional use in human history.  You can read more about it here: Article on Propolis


Propolis Tincture: made with Propolis and 200 proof alcohol


Price: 1 oz : $14


Propolis Honey: made with Propolis Tincture and local mountain honey


Price: 4 oz : $16


Healing Salve


salve1 salve 2

This bee based ointment combines 14 herbs & essential oils plus propolis and beeswax for an aromatic blend that helps support the health of your skin.  We developed this castor oil-based salve for our daughter who had persistent skin irritation from eczema.  It can be used in a variety of ways including on cuts, scrapes, insect bites, and dry skin.


Price: 2 oz : $12




∴  All products can be ordered by emailing with your requests  ∴

Many of our products can be found at the following stores: Aptos Natural, Staff of Life, Herb Room

♥  Thank you for your interest and for supporting the bees as well as our local business  ♥